2022 Call for works
We are pleased to announce this year’s selected pieces. The concerts will be held from October 4 to 6 at the Salta Arts Complex. The programme and the schedule will be available shortly through our webpage and social media. We thank you all for your submissions and we hope to see you again in the next editions.

Damián Anache (Argentina) - Por Mi Culpa
Alejandro Brianza (Argentina) - Kowloon
Alejandro Casales (México) - Antropoceno
Michele Cheng (USA) - Microuniverse
Pierre Pouria Eghdami (Alemania) - Fulgurite
Eddie Jonathan García Borbón (Colombia) - Sublime Imperfections
Sujin Kim (Corea del Sur) - FREQ.HIERARCHY(NONRANDOM,$1)~
Mikel Kuehn (USA) - Perseverance: An Artist Rendering
Candela Lucía Mattera (Argentina) - La Lejana
Dariusz Mazurowski (Polonia) - Dossier of Oblivion
Treya Nash (Reino Unido) - Dear Mother Father God
João Pedro Oliveira (Portugal) - Hydatos
Ignacio Viano (Argentina) - Estudio electrónico nro 2